Energy Services and Projects

Saving energy coincides with the efficient and rational use of energy.
By saving energy we do not limit or suspend any need for it.
Saving energy improves and increases the standard of living.
Saved energy is the one that is not wasted or consumed and therefore there is no need to be produced.

Ergomec offers energy services with awarding an energy performance contract. These services include selection and implementation of energy saving projects or RES/high efficiency cogeneration systems in order to increase energy efficiency, as well as a methodology for calculating energy and financial advantage. The measurement and verification of this advantage takes place periodically.
Energy services provide one or many of the following:

  • Energy equipment placement and replacement, and regulation of its operating conditions.
  • Installation of resource efficient power production systems and RES systems.
  • Partially or totally upgrading the energy performance of a building envelope.
  • Installation of resource efficient lighting systems.
  • Installation and operation of integrated energy management systems.

Ergomec may also provide:

  • Extensive energy review and audit.
  • Consultation on increasing energy efficiency.
  • Equipment maintenance.
  • Education and training for the final users in matters of rational use of energy and energy management.

The increase of energy efficiency is verified through the following steps:

  • Setting the reference for energy consumption measurement and review.
  • Review and confirmation of the proposed interventions and the technical-financial sub-benefit.
  • Implementation of a measurement and verification plan in order to monitor the genuine energy efficiency increase as a result of the energy services that have been provided.
  • Monitoring the state of implementation of the proposed interventions, and their results under the energy performance contract framework.
  • Writing progress reports at agreed intervals.